What to have on your website (part 2)?

Continuing from What to Have on Your Website (part 1)

~Decide on what information you want on the blog

The information on your website is self-explanatory and we covered that in the post What Do You Need in a Website? so now I’m covering the information on your blog. Information is usually added by using widgets on the wordpress dashboard which you can activate and deactivate whenever you want. Here’s a list of widgets I have on my website: Text x 2; Recent Posts, RSS x 4; Categories; Archives; Social Widget and Tag Cloud. There are so many out there to choose from really search around, have a look at other blogs and see what you like and want. With widgets, plugins, icons etc new ones are coming out every day that’s why I want my blog to be able to adapt quickly and easily.

If you look at my blog – it is pretty busy I admit with lots of text so I broke it up with the RSS feed and Twitter icons – I bet you noticed them; they are quite big – and later perhaps a small thumbnail portrait of yours truly, when I can find a decent photo. The purple email icon is probably where I’ll have it. And when I get my first book published that’s where the photo of the book cover will go and I’ll put my face somewhere else – by that time I’ve evolved and can put it on the header without it looking too awful, hopefully. These are the things you have to think about too. Where would things go now and in the future? And would your blog cater for that in a year’s time? I’m hoping this blog will last me at least 2 years, okay, perhaps one. But not every few months – who has that sort of time to tinker? I have a book to finish, don’t you?

Anywaaaay, if you look at my blog’s 3rd column, you’ll see that it is ready to be added to. I can see myself adding more links at a later stage and there’s space for that. Look around at other blogs and websites; what information do they provide that you want on yours? All I wanted was the blog post, naturally; the RSS Feed – I made mine stand out from the other RSS feeds from other blogs – and no, the orange man is not sitting on a toilet – thanks bro – and the Twitter icon that clicks to my Twitter account.

~Decide how everything you want is going to fit on your blog and website.

With the website, decide on the layout that could cater for the amount of information you need. For instance, if you intend to write a lot about yourself in your biography – make sure you have the space for it. At the moment, I’m figuring out how to create a scrollbar on the website page just in case I want to add more about myself. With every page of your website have a clear idea about what you want on there. And as long as a part of your page is connected in design (eg using the same header), font and colour, you can have a 1-column page for some and a 2-column page for others depending on your needs. For your website, I’d keep it simple and avoid 3-column pages since the information you’re giving on every page is very specific to that page and tend to be limited. Whereas your blog is constantly evolving and more people would read it because it’s updated often so you need to make sure that it has the capacity to evolve with you and not look outdated. If your blog doesn’t have RSS Feed capabilities or links to your Twitter, it’s already outdated.

The more information you want to include, the more space you need. When it comes to websites, the page gives you a clue of what is included eg Biography, Books etc and a single column is enough. But single column is too limited for me for my blog – it would have only been the blog post and a few social media icons outside of the post if that – and a 2-column page would have been fine but like I said, I wanted to be able to add later. And depending on what you want, decide how many columns and rows you want bearing in mind that you want your reader to find your information easily without having to scroll right down to the bottom to find a link to your Twitter account or RSS Feed. The area at the top is the most accessible and a reader should be able to find you elsewhere and connect without without scrolling at all. You might prefer just to have a post and nothing else – that’s up to you. But you have to decide. Have a search on the Internet; on Google you could search via the ‘web’ form and then ‘images’ at the top left hand corner of Google search. Look at the many single column templates, double column and 3- columns themes available and decide which you prefer. How simple do you want your blog or website to be? There’s no wrong way or right way; just your way. What is your way?

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What l learnt today:

  • There’s a right time to follow up on your query. 2 weeks is too soon. Give it 6 weeks and do not respond to out of office messages says agent Jessica Faust at BookEnds, LLC.
  • Mac Freedom is a software that locks you out of your iMac so you won’t be distracted but can I give that much power to a computer? (via Novelists, Inc Blog) Being distracted by it is also giving it power. I don’t want to fight with my iMac. iMac is my friend.
  • Learn from the traditional and the self-published. ‘It’s not the tools that matter, it’s how you use them’ says agent Mary Kole of KidLit.com in her post One Last Self-Publishing Post.
  • Ass in Chair rule is what I need now. No Block, Just Tackle by Kelly Simmons at The Liars Club.
  • Again it’s your name that people search for, not your book, it’s the branding and being hated keeps you afloat says author Mark Charan Newton in A Year Later.
  • 3 Tips for Cultivating an Online Brand by Jody Hedlund (via Mystery Writing is Murder).

What I have done today:

  • Added a photo of yours truly to the blog. Everyone says people want to see you so I’ve succumb to it finally.
  • Added SexyBookmarks at the end of my post. That’s what they’re called and they do look sexy if I may say so myself.
  • Sometimes when you’re fiddling around with your blog, things shift, disappear or go a bit weird so I’ve been re-fiddling and putting things back the way they should.
  • Joined QueryTracker.net‘s forum, AgentQuery Connect, AbsoluteWrite.com,   (via blog post The Writing Community by Elana Johnson).

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