Shrek Forever After – Film Review

I’m pleased to introduce Oosters, my very first guest, to this blog.

If you cannot feel the excitement I’m feeling while tapping these words imagine a wave of excitement blowing through your hair…or round head…right now. Yes, I’m excited.

Oosters watches a lot of films and after he watches them, he sometimes, more often than not (please, please), want to say something about them.

So I’ve asked Oosters to review films he has watched on my blog and I’m really glad he said yes because quite frankly I wish I could review films the way he does. Oosters is much better at articulating what he thinks. The most you’ll get from me is ‘uh, yeah it was good’ or ‘uh, yeah, it wasn’t that good’.

So early this afternoon as I sat at my iMac staring at a blank blog post and thinking ‘s**t, I have nothing interesting to say’ and praying for inspiration, my prayers were answered when I received his first review – Shrek Forever After. (Oosters, thanks mate.)

And here it is:


~ Film reviewed by Oosters

Something of a shame to see a third sequel to a film that originally seemed to rail against the lack of originality in feature film animation (and one that borrows so liberally from the 1946 classic It’s a Wonderful Life), this is nonetheless an improvement on its rather lacklustre predecessor, though still not in the same league as the first two films in the franchise.

Strongly-realised principle characters and the usual parody of fairy tales, mixed with contemporary pop culture references and more old-school vaudeville routines lend it what has now become a unique kind of sweetness – it still manages to strike a reasonable balance between sharp humour and genuine emotional involvement.

The tiredness its protagonist feels as the film begins reflects the series as a whole though, and a story about the limits of true love should be wary of testing the audience’s.

“Most great men and women are not perfectly rounded in their personalities, but are instead people whose one driving enthusiasm is so great it makes their faults seem insignificant.” Charles A. Cerami – Author

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What l have learnt:

  • I saw a website offering a PDF, email and print options for their blog post. Great idea.
  • You can still be rejected even if you’ve published many books before says Rachelle Gardner – The Learning Curve that Never Ends.
  • Writing Resources or Why We Send Out Links by BubbleCow shows you how to give value through providing links and how Gary Smailes does it.

What I have done:

  • Joined Hootsuite. Another application to get used to.

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