Sean Ferrell – The Author Talks About the Book Trailer Numb

Thanks for coming back again for the third and final post on writer Sean Ferrell.

The first two posts are below if you have not seen them:

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Today Sean talks about his Amazon Kindle book trailer Numb giving us an idea of how it was created.

If you have not seen it, please take a moment and view it below (you can also view it at Sean’s website and YouTube but if you want a day of ease – clicking one less click – just click play below):

Sean Ferrell’s Numb Book Trailer

Let the interview begin.

Imagine – we’re good at that, writers that we are – Sean Ferrell sitting on a comfy leather chair and I’m sitting on an identical one opposite. The cafe is full of people sheltering from the wind outside. We’ve finished our coffee. There is only silence in our corner. Our faces serious and intense. Then the samurai swords come out. Flick. Flick. No, not really. But the questions and answers are serious and he did answer them with his own email program. Oh Yeah. Ready?

Let the interview begin (again):


Q: Was the trailer ad libbed, improvised or scripted?

A: Ad libbed. I spoke into a recorder and did several takes on some lines (like the synopsis of the book). My brilliant brother edited it into one track using the best takes. He then filmed the video and used editing tricks so that the visuals matched my commentary.


Q: Who came up with the idea?

A: I did. I wanted to do something simple (one shot, no actors) and quick.


Q: Did you have a team to set it up or was it mostly just you and a cameraman?

A: Video was shot in Boston, audio recorded in Brooklyn. The magic of the internet. I recorded the audio and then used a file sharing site to transfer it to my brother. He filmed his own lovely hands (back off ladies, he’s married) with his wife’s Kindle. He created the graphics and sent me the final video via the file sharing site. There were a few minor edits, and then it was done. If it hadn’t been for my brother it wouldn’t have happened, so anyone who hated it: blame Matthew.


Thanks Sean ~

Are we going to blame Matthew? No. His hands are too lovely.

The 3 questions just raised more questions. Now I want to know more. Don’t you? This is what I want to know from Sean:

  • Your brother Matthew – is he an editor?
  • Do you think Matthew will buy his wife an iPad or something that looks like it’s not from 1986 (quoting you mate)?

Perhaps you could ask for me. That samurai sword scene did happen and frankly Sean is scared of me. See that Numb book cover? See that man with the ripped trousers? That’s what I did to Sean’s trousers with my samurai sword people. Oh, it’s okay. Don’t worry, he’s still alive.

Find Sean on Twitter @byseanferrell and ask him anything you want. Tell him I sent you.

Oh take a samurai sword.

You don’t have one?

Take a hammer.

No, he knows about hammers. Don’t take a hammer.

You only have a hammer? (Okay, read previous post and be prepared if you really insist on taking a hammer)

What? You have a ceramic mask?

Where did you hear about that? Nevermind. Take it.



Be prepared. This is what Harley May had to say about the book Numb. Yep, you heard right, she got to read it – THE BOOK NUMB. See previous post and comment from Harley. She knows something about that ceramic mask and she’s not telling me. She might tell you. (If you really insist on taking that ceramic mask of yours.)



Be extra prepared. Rumors abound – but I am sure that Patty Blount met Sean Ferrell recently. She might be able to give you clues.



Go. Go. Go.

Move. Move. Move.

*shouting into the internet ethers*

Sean Ferrell can also be found at his website if you don’t find him on…you still there?…Nevermind…Well if you can hear me – have a good weekend…and go safely into the night as someone said sometime somewhere…if not, they should…you still there?

(Please note: I don’t work for Apple though conveniently my last name is Mac. And it is my real name. I have no association with Apple whatsoever. And they didn’t disown me either for deciding to go against the path of technology to chase after my dream path – writing novels. I just love their products.)

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What l have learnt:

  • Introducing Guestblogging by Jon Morrow. There are free videos. I’ve signed up.
  • Mike Larsen’s 6 Keys to Being a Contentrepreneur has good advice. I read his quote in Christina Katz’s book ‘Get Known Before the Book Deal’: ‘You are in three businesses: the book business, the marketing business, and the people business.’ Get used it people, you are. Hide away that eccentric recluse wannabe side of you. I have to. And you have to too. I know. *Group hug sob sob*
  • I’m in it for the long haul. I’m tired but I’m in it for the long haul. Read Publishing Insiders Wrap-Up: From Blog to Book by Pamela Redmond Satran to see what I mean.
  • Found and I signed up to be notified if I can sign up on this invite-only website. It focuses on short stories but there’s no word limit they say.
  • Outsourcing. It makes perfect sense if you have the money to do so. Read BookEnds Spending Money to Make Money.
  • The tells you who bought what book where. (via Are you a book voyeur?

What I have done:

  • Participating. That’s work. It is. It is. *getting annoyed* It is work.
  • Cleaned the other bathroom. Okay this isn’t work but there would be angry folk knocking down my door if this isn’t done.
  • Christina Katz left a comment on my blog. Hurrah! Thanks Christina. *grins*

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7 Responses to Sean Ferrell – The Author Talks About the Book Trailer Numb

  1. Matt says:

    I’m Sean’s brother with the lovely hands. Honest. I can show you my hands to prove it. To answer your questions: 1) I’m not an editor but I pretend to be one, and 2) I’ll only buy my wife an iPad if Apple makes it look like it’s from 1986.

  2. Jessie Mac says:

    @Matt Hehehe! I’ve been rumbled. What a surprise. Thanks for visiting. See my hand? Look at my hand. Repeat with me. iPads are beautiful. iPads are beautiful ; )

  3. Patty Blount says:

    Matt, you rock! Nice job on the video.
    Jessie, this series was brilliant! I’m a writer and available for any subsequent interviews you may wish to conduct. No, I’m not published or even agented but I do make excellent rainbow cookies. Sean said so.

  4. Jessie Mac says:

    Hi Patty, good to have you pop by. Thanks – so glad you like it. I love the idea of interviewing you. I’ll email you properly if not today, early next week ; )

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  6. Harley says:

    Thanks for linking, Jessie.

    Both the mask and suit have beautiful meaning in context with Sean’s answers. Ah, the suit, the suit, the suit. There is nothing quite like a well-fitted suit.

  7. Jessie Mac says:

    My pleasure ; ) I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough about the items when I read the book. Have a great weekend.

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