Predators – Film Review

PREDATORS ****4 Star

Directed by Nimrod Antal

Starring Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Alice Braga, Walton Goggins, Laurence Fishburne, Danny Trejo, Mahershalalhashbaz Ali, Oleg Taktarov and Louis Ozawa

~ Film Reviewed by Oosters ~

Surprisingly decent sequel that doesn’t quite match the original but is a good deal more accomplished than any of its other sequels and spinoffs.

Embracing its silly B-movie premise, it’s a preposterous action film that dispenses its plot in the first ten minutes and then plays out like a violent game of dominoes, with each cast member being killed off in reverse order of their level of celebrity.

It’s oddly refreshing to see the sledgehammer subtlety of the original brought back into fashion; a grownup action film that does what it says on the tin is altogether rare these days.

Thanks Oosters ~

According to Wikipedia, Producer ‘Robert Rodriguez had developed the Predators (2010) script as early as 1994, although it was not until 2009 that 20th Century Fox greenlit the project.’ It just goes to show that even those with a proven record has to wait for their earlier works to develop and be fully actualized.

What I, and probably many others, found surprising was the fact that the main character in Predators is Adrien Brody. Think Predator 1987 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Then think Predators 2010 starring Adrien Brody.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Adrien Brody in the handful of films I’ve seen him in. The Pianist was the first time he came to my attention and he was amazing in it. But what drew me to Adrien Brody was a vulnerability, a sensitivity and dare I say it a sense of the feminine about him. A softness.

So, back to Predators.

Chosen for their ability to kill without conscience, a group of killers, some trained and some who are not, must endeavour the alien race of predators that have set out to target them as prey. Dropped into the vast jungle of a distant world, these human predators must learn just who, or what, they are up against, and that their ability, knowledge and wits are tested to the limits in the battle of survival of kill or be killed. (taken from IMDB plot summary)

You’re talking about people as killing machines. And well, I couldn’t see Adrien Brody pulling it off. And not only that but director Nimrod Antal was worried about casting a woman because a woman was not seen as tough enough.

This is what director Nimrod Antal had to say about casting Brody and Alicia Braga who nearly wasn’t in it:

Q: Was it really a fight to cast Adrien Brody in the lead?

It was our job to make him look tough. We knew we could do it. That’s our job. If we want to turn a man into a woman, we could do that. If we want to turn a woman into a man, we can do that. We knew the perception of Adrien, especially films like The Pianist and everything, put him in a certain box in people’s mind and we knew that we could turn him into whatever we needed him to be. His passion was also refreshing. To see someone of his caliber really want something as bad as he did, what I can’t stand is when you have these comfortable actors who have some success and they’re just, “I don’t know, I don’t know.” This guy came in saying, “I want this. Please give this to me. I’ll fight for it. I’ll prove you guys wrong if you have any doubt.” That was bitchin’.


Q: You’ve got the perfect ragtag crew of humans for the Predators to pick off. Were there any characters who almost ended up in the film?

Nimrod Antal: There was one other inmate. There was an earlier draft where I think that there were two prison inmates that were thrown in together and in our earlier conversations, I think we figured out that it’s probably best just to have one from each region, one from each zone, from each country, from each continent, however it plays out. And I wanted to cut out Izzy. I wanted to cut her out. It was purely I didn’t want to have a prop running around going “Ahhhhh.” I knew that if we were really going to put a girl in there, she’d have to really sell it. My first concern was there aren’t very many theaters of war, there aren’t that many countries which allow women into combat. We were talking about hardened people who have seen a lot of nasty things. So I was a little bit concerned with that. I was worried and Robert actually was like “Dude…” I was like how many great girls have there been and then he started naming them off. He was like, “Well, Ripley, Sarah Connor, Nikita.” And I was like “Oh, I guess you’re right. There’ve been a few good ones.” It took me a bit to get my head around that, to accept that. And then, we cast Alicia Braga and she’s probably one of the toughest of the bunch. As a character and as a person, she was just awesome. It would’ve been a huge mistake if I would have won that battle.

Read more at Crave Online.

I haven’t seen the film. But after the review from Oosters and the fact that Adrien Brody is in it – I would watch it. Just to see how Brody is transformed, if at all. It just goes to show that sometimes when you go against other people’s perceptions of what a character looks like, you could garner interest just because of that fact. This applies to films like KickAss and Leon where assassins are pre-pubescent girls. So yes, I’d watch it out of curiosity. And because I do like Sci-fi thrillers.

Have you seen it? Would you see the film out of curiosity?

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