Who We Are

Who are we? Jessie Mac was created for the sole purpose of teaching others. Our writers have a long-time experience, which will make your reading days way better.

What exactly is our purpose?

With so many years working as freelancers, we are growing sick of all the greed that surrounded us. Therefore, we are here to serve a unique purpose – Create Content!

Have you ever encountered issues with all kinds of websites? Sick of fake information? Nothing really makes your day better? Look now more. Here, we won’t promise the best ever, but we do promise something: Originality.

For how many years have we been around?

Our team was created back in 2012 when blogging was still a trend. We started writing on the “Blogspot” and then easily move towards our own platforms. This domain is the first JessieMac blog! Here, everything started to flower up while we were still learning about blogging.

What kind of information are you going to read?

We are specialized in Technology, Marketing, Finance, Life, Entertainment, and probably more. For now, we are going to focus on those main elements and try to make it count. Note: You can request any kind of information via contact us page!

Trying to find something? Go to the main blogging page!

What is the best way of getting in touch?

Check above, you will find a direct link towards the contact us page. If anything, we will be there for you within 24 hours of waiting.

Who is this blog for?

This blog is for anyone who wishes to learn more about any of the above-mentioned categories. If you need more, kindly request it as mentioned.


JessieMac Is here for everyone. Learn how to write compelling content, learn more about technology, how to calculate your taxes + a bunch of new and interesting stuff!